Friday, August 13, 2010

Book Announcements: The Thirteenth Chime Twitter release party

I'm so excited! Today, Friday, August 13th, 2010, I join, for the first time, a Twitter release party for a book. It's so cool!
So, as you can see, The Thirteenth Chime is released today. And Emma Michaels (you can find her blog here) decided to have a Twitter release party. Today, from 4pm to 10pm central time (GMT-5) . It's way cooler for me because I live in Romania, GMT+2, and I convinced my parents to let me stay from 11pm on Friday night till 5am on Saturday night for this party. So it's gonna be a night full of fun for me!

As a conclusion, join us! It'll be fun. We've already started tweeting. You can find more about how can you participate and get real-time tweets of #The13thChime on Emma's post.


P.S.: The personalized pic above is made by me. Feel free to save it and use it. I'm using it as a profile picture for my personal Twitter account, @anaivanus, right now. *winks*

Emma Michaels Follower Award Emma Michaels Follower Award Emma Michaels Follower Award


  1. Yeay! Thank you for helping me spread the word!!!!!

    Emma Michaels

  2. Hi Ana, I'm a new follower. It's amazing how the Internet has changed the ways of marketing.

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